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Survivor Support

Are you a survivor in need? We are here to help.


Refuge & Relocation

Despite hosting one of the highest rates of sex trafficking in the country, the state of Oregon currently offers no resources to shelter survivors. Without a dependable place to turn during reintegration, victims of trafficking are often forced to remain in exploitative relationships or face homelessness. That’s why our number one goal is always to relocate survivors into safe and secure homes sponsored by One’s Purpose.

We provide relocation for survivors to safe programs throughout the United States to fit the needs of each individual survivor. We offer short term programs long term programs as well as immediate crisis shelter for survivors needing immediate care.

Counseling & Peer Support

As a survivor-led organization, we know how crucial mentorship can be for recovery. Our peer network plays a critical role in providing resources and guidance through an empathetic and non-judgemental lens to support those in crisis. We show up in-person or online to meet the needs of our constituents who often cannot afford flexibility.

Our network of survivors have been in crisis. No matter what stage, our Peer Support Advocates are available to help with anything: rides to and from appointments, support meetings, errands, and more.

Refuge and Relocation
Counseling & Peer Support

“Before meeting with One's Purpose I felt alone, lost, and scared, with no direction on where my life was going. I lived on a constant hamster wheel spining everyday with major PTSD panic attacks as well as severe depression. I was beginning to feel hopeless. I first met Joni wilkinson and Rhonda riddle in may of 2021 they invited me to dinner and brought me a welcome gift with a Starbucks gift card, candle, lip gloss as well as some other special things. I felt overwhelmed but in a good way. As time goes on I have gained trust with One's Purpose and feel confident in saying that they have my best interest at heart and want to help me heal and my own pace. They let me guide they are respectful of my wishes and always give me choices. They are also amazing at being available for any of my crisis situations I know I can call and day and night and hour and they will pick up the phone. I currently participate in their equine therapy program which has helped me beyond words can express. I also utilize their peer support program and they also meet me needs if I ask they always try to do their best and I am so grateful for their program I encourage any other survivors out there to come meet Joni and Rhonda at one's purpose and see for yourself they are two incredible women with huge hearts who have helped me more than any other program I have gone through. 
I am forever grateful for One's Purpose.

-Sincerely,  A Survivor of human trafficking.  Maintaining anonymity for my protection.

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Transition Resources

Service Name

One of the most challenging components of survivor reintegration is the drastic change in provisions when escaping sex trafficking. One’s Purpose provides survivors with hygiene products, nutritious meals, transportation services, errand running, and professional attire so that they can develop their skills and avoid the trap that traffickers use to discourage those in crisis.

Transition Resources
Therapeutic Recovery

Research psychologists have repeatedly demonstrated the long-term consequences of youth-based trauma. ADHD, anxiety disorders, PTSD, OCD, and other neurodivergent symptoms are challenges on the rise in the United States, and these problems are nearly ubiquitous among survivors of sex trafficking. Without dependable tools to utilize in times of high pressure, these symptoms emerge, providing yet another barrier to successful reintegration.


One’s Purpose offers survivors a wide range of therapeutic solutions, including both traditional and holistic options. 

Theraputic Recovery
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EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an extensively researched, effective psychotherapy method used to help people recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and panic disorders.

Equine Therapy

Animals can offer incredible emotional support to help clients navigate emotional and stress-induced challenges. Equine therapy incorporates horses to help people regulate their emotions, decrease feelings of isolation, improve confidence and esteem, and provide anxiety relief. 

Exercise Therapy

Exercise is one of the most well-documented therapeutic activities due to the release of serotonin and endorphins which provide stress relief and can positively affect mood. Dance and basketball therapies offered by One’s Purpose are of particular usefulness for survivors to improve their gross motor skills which are often negatively impacted during traumatic experiences. 

Art Therapy

 Art therapy is a demonstrated and growing practice used to facilitate personal and relational treatment goals. In addition to fostering self-esteem and awareness, it can promote introspection and improve cognitive and fine motor skills. 

Crisis Intervention Hotline

24/7 support phone line for survivors to reach a trained advocate for crisis intervention.

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Survivor Contact Form

Survivor Contact Form

“Hello my name is Lynn. I am a survivor of mind control and grooming. For years, I have been looking for someone to help me understand what I truly went through and to help me overcome the trauma I experienced. I first discovered One's Purpose through social media and, after following them for a good six months, I decided to reach out, and I'm glad I did. One's Purpose has helped me in more ways then I could have ever imagined. They have connected me with an amazing therapist, dance therapy, equine therapy, and I have a peer support advocate who is available 24/7 for me. I can't thank One's Purpose enough for helping me understand what happened to me and how to overcome my experience and to move forward. They take me out to meals and bowling, as well as other awesome activities, to help me live life. It can't always be serious — they show me how to live laugh and breath. I highly recommend that if you, or someone you know, has been through a similar situation, reach out to One's Purpose and ask questions. Ask to meet. I guarantee you won't be disappointed — these are amazing people who care. Thank you One's Purpose for all you do. ”

-Sincerely Lynn 

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