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We need your help to fight human trafficking!

Come be a part of our volunteer team. We have many different volunteer opportunities available — from sorting donations to working face to face with survivors. We start our volunteer process with an application and an NDA to determine where you would fit best.    Please feel free to email us or call with any questions we look forward to having you join the one's purpose team . 


This is the fastest, simplest way to support survivors. Leading from lived experience, we have a deep understanding of how to best steward funds to support survivors and those in crisis. 

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“Citizens Restoring Liberty is a citizens group in Bandon, Oregon. We became acquainted with One’s Purpose through a mutual connection, and quickly were impressed with the work being done by Joni Wilkinson and Rhonda Riddle. The courage, fortitude, and integrity of these women makes a lifelong impression on all who cross their paths, and the impact they have on the lives of sex trafficking survivors is profound and eternal. We have consistently been impressed with every aspect of their work, and the management of resources they have been provided. We will continue to support their mission unequivocally, and invite anyone to investigate their ministry and what it means to those who benefit from it.”

-Rod Taylor, Citizens Restoring Liberty

 Survivor Support
Wish List

Help support survivors by purchasing items they need! Choose from a cultivated list of resources and have it shipped directly to One’s Purpose HQ.

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Come shop and help our mission in shutting down the ugly world of human trafficking.

Here you can shop for all different types of items, from hats to t-shirts.  All proceeds of our online sales go directly to supporting  survivors needs. 

“Ones Purpose is an exemplary organization. Since working with them, we have been impressed with their dedication to helping others in need. One aspect that inspires us, is that One's Purpose is a survivor based assembly. We are always confident that when we have donated money, it went directly to those in need. Rhonda and Joni are truly saving peoples lives in an unbiased and caring way. We have witnessed their works in action and have seen lives changed. Further donations to One’s Purpose would not only help those around the country, it also would be used to educate the public now. We cannot say enough about the character of Rhonda and Joni and know 100% that our efforts and fundraising has been put to good use. We encourage everybody to get to know this purpose and help fund a better future for us all.”

-Scott Brewster, Citizens Restoring Liberty

Boots for Battle

As part of graduation from our equine therapy our amazing instructor has introduced her boots for battle program. We understand how hard it is to overcome trauma, and the courage, strength, and willingness it takes to get help. We believe that incentives can be helpful throughout the process and can encourage survivors to keep going. Every survivor who completes the four-week equine therapy program is given a pair of a nice cowgirl/cowboy boots to continue their boots for battle healing. We are always in need of donations in all different sizes. Click below to donate to this cause! 

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