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Meet the Team

Leading from Lived Experience
Rhonda Riddle

I am Rhonda RIddle, President of One's Purpose and I am a survivor of human trafficking. I was kidnapped at 14 years old from Eugene, Oregon and taken into the cold, ugly reality of sex trafficking. I was brutally tortured and forced to sell my body in some of the most brutal cities in America. By the grace of God , I was able to escape at the age of 22. I have searched for support and help for over 18 years and was blessed to meet Joni Wilkinson, founder of One's Purpose. With the help of One's Purpose and therapy, I have finally found my voice again. I never thought I would have a purpose in life after all I went through, but now I truly know my purpose is to help others like me regain their life back and to help each other thrive for a better future. I love helping survivors as well as helping educate our community and beyond, for I truly believe education is the key. I stand strong with One's Purpose in hopes to see a change in our community, state, and eventually the nation. Please join us in spreading awareness in our community and building a safe place to help survivors like me. I have faith that with enough support we can help shut down this ugly reality of human trafficking. 

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Joni Wilkinson
Founder and CEO

My name is Joni Wilkinson. I was born and raised in Oregon. I am a mother of two children, a licensed insurance agent for over 20 years, and the founder of One's Purpose. One's Purpose was created five years ago after my personal experience being groomed, manipulated, and positioned by my "boyfriend" who was attempting to reach my daughter. He ended up getting arrested one night, which is when I learned of his trafficking history. I took my experience and began educating people via social media and it has grown into what it is today, One's Purpose. 

I am passionate about helping others, educating the community, and making a difference in hopes that more people and children will become aware and stay safe.

Board Members

Taylor Coleman

Taylor is a board member of One’s Purpose and heads up the Southern regional branch of the organization in Tomball, Texas, his hometown. In addition to his work within the organization, Coleman fights trafficking within SWAT ministries and Protectors of Humanity, where he serves as executive director. His unique background and demonstrated leadership skills within construction helps him recruit male audiences to take ownership and challenge the status quo to become a part of the solution.

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Shelli Knoop

Shelli is a California-born, Oregon-raised West Coast native. Only a decade ago, Shelli struggled with chronic addiction and homelessness, which provides her a unique insight to some of the most pressing challenges faced by Oregonians. One of the best things that ever happened to her was a wrongful conviction for which she spent two years in prison. At the time, it wasn’t easy to see this as a blessing, but the experience gave her an opportunity to get sober and kick the addiction. Surprisingly, she came to understand the value of a safe and dependable place to rest her head, where she was protected from predatory dealers. Through this experience, she gained an abundance of resources that she’s used to help dozens of others facing crisis out of their situations. Now, Shelli serves as a hospitality ambassador and key safety and training lead at McDonald's Corporation. She lives in Eugene with her three sons and remains an avid fan of the Oregon Ducks.

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Leisa Nighswonger

Leisa Nighswonger joined One’s Purpose as a board member in 2021 with a focus on outreach and education. For 9 years, Leisa was a small business owner and hairstylist in the Eugene area. Now, she spends her time homeschooling her four children and acting as a homemaker. Her inspiration to work in trafficking abolition comes from a deep desire to improve the lives of future generations and demonstrate how one person’s advocacy can save lives.

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Amber Richardson

Amber is a lifelong Oregonian, a 2022 Republican candidate for governor, and the most recent member of the One’s Purpose board. She joined One’s Purpose after attending an event in 2021 where she met the One’s Purpose team. Richardson’s network of therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals has provided tremendous support to One’s Purpose and its program participants. Outside of One’s Purpose, Richardson serves her Medford, Oregon community as a Licensed Massage Therapist and has helped patients heal from trauma for over a decade. 

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